CURRENTLY: The Feast or Fallow Edition

If all goes as planned, I’ll do a CURRENTLY post every other Tuesday—I heard of this through fellow 2017 debut author Katy Upperman, and you can find the origins of the idea here.


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There’s been a lot to love since my last post, but one thing that’s had me glowing for over a week is that I received my first official Goodreads review for THE SANDCASTLE EMPIRE, thanks to Anna Priemaza, a lovely and talented writer who’s also a member of the 2017 debut group. Check out the review here if you want to see the thing that made me cry ALL THE HAPPY TEARS, and then hop over to Anna’s page to put her debut (IF YOU CAN’T FLY, HarperTeen, Fall 2017) on your to-read list, too!


I’ve devoted more time than usual to reading over the past few weeks, and have been lucky enough to read some *excellent* stuff. Three of the four books I devoured were fellow 2017 debuts, and YOU GUYS. If this small sampling is any indication of what next year’s shelves will look like, it’s going to be an incredible year!

51F328DBdqL._SX329_BO1,204,203,200_Kristen Orlando’s YOU DON’T KNOW MY NAME (Macmillan, January 2017) built to a sizzling intensity that had me biting my nails and turning pages so, so fast (and even inspired me to do some terribly executed push-ups—suffice it to say I was *quite* impressed with main character Reagan’s endurance/strength/skills).

Anna Priemaza’s IF YOU CAN’T FLY was the friendship book I never knew I needed—there’s so much quirk and awesomeness packed into it, with tons of heart and characters I missed long after the book was over.

Lastly, Lana Popović’s WICKED LIKE A WILDFIRE (Katherine Tegen, Summer 2017) was full of stunning imagery and language—so many gorgeous visuals, a setting that popped off the page, food I could almost smell and taste—and a story that wholly captivated my attention from the very first line, until I had no more pages left to turn.

The fourth book I read—and the only one with a cover I can share, at this point—was Claire Legrand‘s SOME KIND OF HAPPINESS, which hit shelves a week ago. This book resonated with me on so many levels, and was so skillfully executed. I highly recommend you drop whatever you’re doing, head to your nearest bookstore, and spend the rest of the day devouring this one.


The live-action Beauty and the Beast trailer (starring Emma Watson!!)—need I say more?


The sound of my treadmill (as I use it). LOOK AT ME CRUSHING MY GOALS, YOU GUYS.


Last night, I came across this excellent post by (the very wise) Kristan Hoffman, about how necessary it is to build in seasons of rest instead of falling into the trap of I have free time, therefore I’d better USE IT WISELY and PRODUCE ALL THE THINGS, OR ELSE. This exact topic had already been on my mind for some time—I’m in the middle of a rest-and-refresh sort of season right now, and have been going back and forth about how hard to push myself to produce while between official deadlines for things. I found this post incredibly refreshing, an excellent reminder that it’s okay (and even necessary!) to build breaks into my schedule in order to replenish my mind and my body. Thanks so much for the perspective, Kristan!


I get to see Claire (as in Legrand, as in the aforementioned book you really should already be at the bookstore shopping for)(or just click here) again this weekend, and I’m so excited! If you’re in the North Texas area this Saturday, Claire is doing an event at the Barnes & Noble in Highland Village—see this tweet for time/location details!


This week, I’m wishing I didn’t have to wait forever for the next season of Jane the Virgin. (THIS MOST RECENT SEASON FINALE, YOU GUYSSSS—EEP.) Yesterday, I kept thinking, “Oh, yay, it’s Monday! A new Jane!” aaaaand then realizing, oh, wait, no. SADNESS.



Earlier this month, a bunch of the 2017 debut group authors (myself included!) did a ten-day-long Instagram challenge. I had a blast putting together all my photos—a handful are devoted to THE SANDCASTLE EMPIRE (like the one included here), a couple are writing advice related, and several more are devoted to other YA debuts. You can find all of this over at my Instagram, @authorkaylaolson, and if you’re interested in seeing the rest of the Swanky Seventeens’ posts, check out the hashtag #swanky17photochallenge.

Okay, that’s it for today! If you’ve also done a CURRENTLY post, tweet it to me @olsonkayla *or* leave a link in the comments so I can check it out!


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